Quick update…

8 Nov

Hey folks, we had another good meeting last night down at the Rattlesnake. Eddie was in attendance in his usual form, which is great to see. We have many of our Donors coming through again with items, classes, gift certificates, show tickets, and more on the way! We’re starting to put together packages of items now, so things are really coming together. We’re going to have a couple of new attractions this year at the event as well, in particular we’ll be sporting a Photobooth from the Cheetah Design Studio . If you’ve never experienced this at a wedding or company party, it’s simply a fun way to get a picture with your friends to mark the event. Make it fun and silly by putting on some of the costume items they’ll have available, and you’ll get something cool for your fridge or Facebook page! We’re also trying to finalize the list of local celebrities who will be there as Celebrity Bartenders — I’ll have more on that later. So what Donors do we have so far? Here’s a list. Click the links to see what they’re all about:
The Capital Grille
Top of the Hub
Offshore Ale Co.
Falmouth Country Club & The Quarterdeck
Taza Chocolate
David’s Tea
Zumba with Jess
Smart Destinations
Boston Organics
Hotel California (Mexican Resort Destination!!)
Jessica Sutton Graphic Design
Urbanity Dance
Vineyard Vines
Steamship Authority
Amie Fedora Photography
The Flatbread Company
Newbury Comics
Boston Duck Tours
John Brewer’s Tavern
Season’s Catering
The Rattlesnake
Boston Review
Lucca Restaurant
Lux Bond & Green
Holiday Inn (MGH)
Blue on Highland
Columbus Hospitality GroupMistral and Mooo
Food Trucks!! – The Chicken & Rice GuysMei Mei Street KitchenGo FishBoston Speed Dog
And we have even more that I’ll be sending along later. Also, folks have asked about what Globe Santa is and what it does. I’ll have a post later that gives some of those details along with how your donations helped families last year and what families are asking for this year. It will bring a tear to your eyes.
Till then…


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