About Globe Santa…

21 Nov

From the early days when Eddie Doyle was The Man Behind the Bar, a relationship was forged with Globe Santa based on the idea that those who have an extra buck or two at the bar wouldn’t mind helping some local kids experience a “normal” Christmas, just like they may have experienced themselves. It’s a simple idea with grand results — help a kid get that basketball he wanted when he otherwise would have received nothing; help the parents feel like they’d given their kids an escape from a tougher life for just a moment; help make one’s self feel the warmth of the holiday spirit when it might otherwise be lost in all the work and bustle of the season. “Globe Santa exists solely to bring joy to local children.” This is the Mission of Globe Santa, and they accomplish this by providing holiday presents to families in need throughout the Greater Boston area. Families write to the organization with heartbreaking stories and Globe Santa’s volunteers and donors come together to answer that need. So far this year, over 18,000 letters have been sent in requesting simply “a present to unwrap on Christmas morning.” They expect to receive close to 30,000 of these letters. You can imagine their stories of job loss, illness, and tragedy. But you can also imagine how it will feel for that child to open her one present from Santa that will help her forget everything else that was going on for just a little while. Your involvement will have results immediately, and 100% of what goes in to Globe Santa will be used to purchase these gifts. Last year’s Rattlin’ event raised $16,018. This is equivalent to helping 410 families in the Greater Boston area. Those are 410 families whose Christmas was joyful because of the extra couple of bucks you put up at the bar, just like old times.
Come out next week and make it happen again! We’ll have music, food, drinks, a few good laughs, and some fantastic auction items and packages that you’ve got to see (and bid on!). Click here to get your ticket and to start your $20 down the road to help make Christmas 2012 special for a family that needs your help. Till then…


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