Some of Boston’s Best…

21 Nov

In the last couple of posts I went into detail about some of our Donors and the Items they’ve provided for your bidding pleasure. Now I want to take a moment to mention some of the people donating their time and talents to our event.
First, this whole thing would not happen at all if it weren’t for our hosts at the Rattlesnake Bar & Grill, Tony “Caz” Castagnozzi, Jay Gardner and Gordon Wilcox. Two years ago they opened their doors and hearts (along with their wallets!) to help The Spirited Bostonians bring this annual charity auction back to life. They don’t seem to know how to say “no” when we ask for things relating to this event, crazy as those things may sometimes be. I am amazed at their generosity, and we are all truly greatful.
Next, food! We love food! Especially the food from Poe’s Kitchen that Brian Poe and Shawn Russell will be preparing for our guests at the event. Brian and Shawn have been busy putting together a menu of both new and favorite dishes for next Wednesday night. Those who came last year will attest to the delicious Southwestern cuisine that Brian and his staff put together. Take a look at their online menu to get an idea of what you may see on your plate. Also, Brian and Shawn have thrown their talents into a couple of our auction packages by offering to cook for you!!
And what about models? Yes, we love the Dawn Mostow Models, that’s for sure! Dawn — who just last week was named the RAW Boston Fashion Designer of the Year 2012 (Congrats, Dawn!) — and her ladies will be back again this year showing off the sexy and elegant outfits that helped Dawn win and helped make last year’s event that much more special.
We’ll also have repeat performances from a couple of Boston’s favorite artists. Sidewalk Sam will once again grace the front walk with his rendition of the Globe Santa logo, and The Rollo Tomasi Quartet will jazz things up with a couple of sets to get everyone in the right mood.
Those are just a few of the folks involved who will help make this year’s event another great success!
We look forward to seeing you next week — don’t forget to buy your tickets online here! Till then…


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