Thank You Everyone!

24 Dec
Seasons Greetings,


On behalf of The Spirited Bostonians, it is with great pleasure that I proudly announce that the Grande Total for this year’s “Rattlin’ Around the Christmas Tree” Party – 2012 is an amazing $20,000 [the equivalent of helping 500 families!].


Special thanks to volunteers Richard & Wayne for the incredible job they did on “The Tree of Re-cycled Memories.” It was a small struggle getting the Tree out of the Rattlesnake and into Richard’s truck for the slow trek over to the MGH Cancer Center. We met with a lovely lady named Lisa who guided us up to the 7th floor of the Yawkey Building, and once the Tree was re-assembled, some of the patients, doctors and nurses took a few moments to admire all the items that Richard worked so hard to gather and put in their proper place, making this a truly memorable Christmas Tree for 2012.


We also want to thank Bill Connolly (Globe Santa) for all his help in putting this event together. Globe Santa should be proud of the effort that Bill puts forth, in making sure that we glide by any stumbling blocks along the way, and providing some wonderful finishing touches that made everything so very special. His hard work certainly will go a long way in providing gifts for the thousands of children of Boston’s needy families this Christmas.


Of course, this event would not have been possible without the help and support of Tony Caz, Jay Gardner and Gordon Wilcox, and their great staff of Boston’s famous Rattlesnake Bar & Grill. Just by having Tony and Jay sitting in during the meetings helped us realize their commitment to the success of this event, and their belief that it would be another great party for their guests and the Globe Santa Fund. They fueled the fire in each of us to go forward…and we thank them immensely.


Marcia and I want to wish each of you a very Merry Christmas, and bundles of joy and happiness for the New Year.

Your friend,
Eddie Doyle

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