“Cheers to Jimmy”

19 Nov

If you have ever attended one of our parties for the “Globe Santa Fund” at the Rattlesnake Bar & Grill, you most likely would have enjoyed the good fortune of meeting Jim Geary, THE official Globe Santa. His smiling face and rosy cheeks were not to be outdone by his rotund stature and jolly demeanor. We all thought that Jimmy was the perfect Santa.

Sadly, Jim Geary passed away this past August 18th of a sudden heart attack. His story of hard earned success is quite simple and straight forward. Back in the day, he was a Newspaper Boy, delivering the Boston Globe as he walked his paper route during all types of weather, while developing a strong work ethic. After graduating from Immaculate Conception High School in Revere, Jim went to work for the Globe and over the years, worked his way up the ladder to become Supervisor of the Globe’s Computer Division. During his tenure, he became a member of the Globe’s Quarter Century Club, an achievement he was quite proud of. After 50 years of dedicated service, Jim retired from the Globe to enjoy his well-earned golden years.

During his time at the newspaper, Jimmy became involved with the Globe Santa Fund. He chose to accept their offer of becoming the official Globe Santa, wearing the traditional Santa outfit, white beard and all…incredibly, a perfect fit. He was asked to travel around Greater Boston with the Globe Santa staff, making special appearances, talking to young children and taking time to be with the elderly. Although a seasonal opportunity to participate in a role he was cut out for, it was done on his free time. Yet, once retired, Jimmy continued his portrayal as the official Globe Santa, bouncing around the city for various events…including our annual party at the Rattlesnake Bar & Grill on Boylston Street.

“Potsie,” everyone involved with our Globe Santa event at the Rattlesnake will miss your smiling face and jovial personality this December 3rd. When parents set out their Christmas Eve snack of warm cookies and hot chocolate, preparing for Santa’s visit with toys for the kids, we hope they take a moment to remember all you have done to help bring a bag full of happiness into the homes of Boston’s neediest families on Christmas morning.

“Slainte’ Jimmy…How Sweet it Was”


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